Why Recycle? The Answer is Simple…

The cost savings and availability of recycled materials in some parts of the country is a major factor for the economy!

Availability and cost of virgin aggregates in some parts of the country can be a problem, which may significantly increase the value and cost savings of recycled materials.

Many Southern States have limited and sometimes poorly graded aggregate supplies which have made recycled aggregates an attractive alternative.

There are many benefits of recycled aggregates such as the saving of money for local governments and other purchasers. The product creates additional business opportunities. The product allows you to conserve diminishing aggregate resources. You will save energy when recycling is done on site. By recycling aggregates, we can extend a helping hand to local governments to meet their goal of reducing disposal by 50 percent or more a year into the future!

The Market for Recycled Aggregate can be used in the following applications: In Paved Roads as Aggregate Base, Aggregate Sub base and Shoulders. In gravel roads as surfacing. Base for Building Foundations. Fill for Utility Trenches. Asphalt Pavements.

Our Landfills are accumulating disposed materials at an alarming rate… We at PAW Companies can help the environment and economy with specialized on site crushing, aggregate removal, recycling and sales, then we truly are here to serve you better in every way!

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